About Micophobia

Our mission is to use low-tech equipment to create simple, catchy tunes (followed by less simple tunes as we level up!) We're working towards creating music that is fully reproducible on the Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Gameboy, and the Commodore 64.

The band name came about as a result of my previous dislike of a certain edible fungi; Micophobia by definition, is the fear of mushrooms. While I wasn't particularly scared of them, I decided to give up picking them out of my food and ended up picking them up as part of a band name (but not part of a complete breakfast.)

Interested in making chiptunes yourself? Check out the Software and Tutorials sections! We've scoured the Internet for useful tools and tutorials for everyone to enjoy. Eventually, you may see some tools written by us -- it'd be great to give back to the chiptune community!